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EAFH24: Business Agility Portfolio Webinar with Dr. Dave

ABSTRACT:As large organizations are embracing agility as a core competency for their organization, many are discovering the advantages of using agile as an enterprise competitive advantage. Business agility can be translated to the Lean principle that prescribes the action to “Optimize the Whole”. As Business Agility is embodied by the organization, the goal is for…

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EAFH22: Deliver Value with Marty Nelson, Alchemy Code Lab

Dr. Dave:                      00:17                Yeah, I think so. So we’re going to talk about Alchemy Code Lab. Where did Alchemy Code Lab come from? Marty:                          00:25                Well it really was a bit of serendipity. I’ve been in software development for a little over two decades now. Most of it as either a developer or a leader…

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