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E44: Scrum Teams Take Ownership of Deliverables

The Scrum team is the builders of things (BoT). I would say one of the most important roles in the Scrum ecosystem. The Scrum team, Product Owner, and Scrum Master are peers.  Each role provides a value that should be respected by everyone in the organization.

The team has the autonomy to determine how and when to complete work.  This new found freedom can be daunting and at first confusing. We will discover various tools to help the teams self-organize to deliver the right value at the right time.

The role of the BoT team is clear, which is to build the highest priority item within the committed time-box by the team.  The time-box is usually a 2-week sprint.  Only the Scrum team members can define the duration to complete work.  The Scrum Master, the PO, nor anyone else in the organization have the authority to define how long work should take.  The simple reason is that only the people actively building the software can accurately define duration.


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