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E46: The Power of Observation. Featuring Tracy Treacy, a Therapist and Psychologist

 Tracy Treacy, Licensed Therapist and Psychologist

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You are listening to Episode 46, featuring Tracy Treacy, a Therapist and Psychologist. The topic is “The Power of Observation”.  Tracy will share her personal journey and her application of the Power of Observation while practicing her craft. Tracy is the owner of a practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and applies various techniques to help her clients find their awesomeness.

Elastic Minds; What are you thinking; Book

Episode 46 is the first of many topics extracted from my book Elastic Minds: What are Thinking?, that will be featured in coming episodes.   The human mind is complicated, as are its psychology and philosophies.  So too are our varied individual circumstances, dreams and goals … in education, business, artistic expression or social interactions.  Despite the complexities of life, the common and underlying thread is that each experience is just another example of resilience over resistance, agility over adversity ….

In 2018, I plan to apply my power of observation to help people find their awesomeness.

The power of observation gives you data to generate insights about a particular circumstance.  For instance, my observation about my attitude at 4:30 AM versus 4:30 PM is certainly different.  At 4:30 AM I am not the bright-eyed bushy-tailed individual as some people, because I am very nocturnal.  At 4:30 pm I am fired up and ready to go.  At 11:30 pm I am still a high energy person.

As I engage in a practice to help people find their awesomeness, my power of observation must be improved incrementally.  The keen attention to details is not only limited to just what I see but must be expanded to how I hear and the questions that I ask.

I plan to exercise my child-like inquisitiveness of asking “Why”.  Why is it important to get another episode of my podcast done at this time?  How much more productive and satisfied would we feel if more answers to “Why” are known and we paid more attention to the small details? Knowing “Why” is one of the essence of coaching and enables people to find their awesomeness.  The Power of Observation is central to being an effective and successful coach. No matter if you are an agile coach or sports coach or life coach, the need for the Power of Observation is fundamental to enable people to find their awesomeness.


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