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E49: Kevin Castle – Launch a business, establish a brand, and give back to the local community

Kevin Castle – Technossus, LLC Managing Partner

Welcome to KnolShare with Dr. Dave.  Streamed on and broadcasted on iTunes and Google Play.  You are listening to Episode #49, featuring Kevin Castle, a managing partner at Technossus, LLC. The topic is “Climbing the Mountains and Clearing the Hurdles”.

Kevin Castle is a managing partner at Technossus, LLC.   He is one of the three founders of the company.

The software business landscape is very competitive and the entry into this market is much easier than other industries—all you need is a computer, a group of people willing to innovate, and build relationships. The perspective offered by Kevin is his journey to launch a business, establish a brand, and give back to the local community.

Kevin stated, there are three key take-aways that would help steer you in the right direction to deal with challenges and to shape your thought process are:

  1. The discipline to be focused
  2. The ability to focus
  3. Being able to constantly fall back on what your purpose is: Why are you doing this?

I sat down with Kevin to learn more about his inspiration, challenges, discovery, and resilience.

This interview is extracted from the Elastic Minds: What are you thinking? book.  The book is available on as a kindle or print.


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