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E51 – Richard Dolman – VP US Entity Agile42

Richard Dolman, Vice-President of the US Entity for Agile42 

Welcome to KnolShare with Dr. Dave.  Streamed on and broadcasted on iTunes and Google Play.  You are listening to Episode #51, featuring Richard Dolman, Vice-President of theUS Entity for Agile42. The topic is “Smaller and more frequent delivery”. 

Richard is an executive at a global agile coaching company called Agile42. He’s one of the lead agile executive coaches and works with leaders globally to transform the way an organization’s people work at a sustainable pace. The agile practice uses short iterations called sprints, which are usually two weeks in duration.

Richard stated, Self-awareness is a critical virtue or characteristic for an agile coach in my opinion. Before I can help others embrace change or help others adapt to new ways, I need to make sure I understand where I am and my role within the system.

I sat down with Richard to learn more about his inspiration, challenges, discovery, and resilience.

This interview is extracted from the Elastic Minds: What are you thinking? book.  The book is available on as a kindle or print.

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