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E55 – Wes Kliewer – Pay It Forward To Those Who Follow

Wes Kliewer is an executive at Project Insight

Welcome to KnolShare with Dr. Dave.  Streamed on and broadcasted on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.  You are listening to Episode #55, featuring Wes Kliewer, executive at Project Insight. The topic is “Pay it forward to those who follow”. 

Wes Kliewer is an executive at Project Insight and understands the challenges of an up and down economy.

Developing a diverse and sustainable customer base isn’t an easy task, but Wes contributed to the growth of his company. As the leader of training and support, his influence to invest in webinars that educate customers in project management techniques and agile practices is an innovative way to engage customers.

Wes Said, When inspired by other companies, I’ll often invest in them as well. Always for the long term.  We’ve taken inspiration from fast-growth companies and implemented them on a smaller scale for ourselves.

I sat down with Wes to learn more about his inspiration, challenges, discovery, and resilience.

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