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EAFH-1: Agile for Humanity Tucson Meetup 25-August-2018

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The Agile for Humanity (AFH) Tucson meetup is a new launch in 2018.  A monthly podcast will be created of the conversations and will be hosted on the KnolShare with Dr. Dave channel.

You are listening to episode EAFH-1: Lean, Agile, and Startup Discussions.

The Agile for Humanity community will use lean thinking, agile practices, and lean startup to improve business, community, and individual goals.  

As lean thinkers we want to maximize value, minimize waste, optimize flow, respect people, and continually learn.  As agile practitioners we aim to respond to change, measure empirically, commit to outcomes, be transparent, and demonstrate courage.

Although more tenets exist to guide our behavior, these are a good start to help our journey.

We are camped out at Connect CoWorking in downtown Tucson, Arizona, next door to The RIALTO – A Publix Theatre and hotel Congress on a Saturday morning.  The RIALTO and hotel Congress are landmark buildings in the downtown Tucson area. Connect CoWorking is the original collaboration workspace in downtown Tucson and is the home to an eclectic group of small businesses and local events.

We used Lean Coffee to create topics for the Agile for Humanity meetup group.  Lean Coffee was created by Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith. Learn more about Lean Coffee by visiting


Our guests today are:

Lateefah Collingwood, Kahilill Knight-Papaioannou, Samantha Hahn, Charles (Kaunda) Collingwood, and Harry Roberts.  Attending remotely were Jon Jorgensen and the mysterious Wayne.

I would like to give a round of applause to our guests this morning for coming out and sharing their insights.

The three topics included:

  1. Provide a good definition of Agile and how it applies to K12 leadership.
  2. Ready for Agile Education.
  3. Diversity and inclusion – Do we still need to have this conversation?

Topics that were not included are the following:

  1. Customer value How to active listen and have empathy
  2. Business agility: responding to threats and opportunities to enable business and human growth
  3. Open to collaboration
  4. Community
  5. Design Thinking
  6. Operational effectiveness
  7. Believing in the inexperienced fostering education
  8. Change from the norm
  9. Customer value: a measurable outcome that can be realized and shared
  10. Burning Man principles and Agile principles
  11. Core Protocols and Clean Language
  12. FLOW Framework
  13. Landswork + Edge Behaviors + Authority Valence
  14. Is Scaled Kanban real?
  15. Open Space Technology for non-agile, non-business applications


Books we are reading or listening to:

  • Harry said he is reading Meditation for figity skeptics by Dan Harris
  • Dr. Dave offered a Bill Gates recommendation: Capitalism without Capital: The rise of the intangible economy by Jonathan Haskell and Stian Westlake
  • Dr. Dave also share he listened to: How we work, reclaim your sanity, live your purpose, and embrace the daily grind by Leah Weiss, PhD logo

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Thank you Agile Alliance for the Meetup sponsorship.

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