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EAFH-15: Annie Made the 5 Saturdays 2019 STEAM Program Better

Annie Barnes attending the 5 Saturdays STEAM 209 program in Costa Mesa, CA was an amazing blessing for the program.  This was a time to demonstrate openness and empathy in the spirit of true servant leaders.  Kudos to Efrem and Tammy Hawkins, and the volunteer learning facilitators who made Annie and Terre feel welcomed.  Kudos to the Early College High School students who also found ways to be helpful.

This episode features Annie Barnes a young woman with multiple physical disabilities, who participated in learning experience that focused on coding, entrepreneurship, and job readiness (resume development).  I would like to say more but Annie has a mind and voice and we should listen for a moment.

Interview Questions

Q1) What motivated you to attend the 5 Saturdays Science, Technology, Engineering, Agile, and Math (STEAM) program?

My mom told me about 5Saturdays. She said I would learn about websites and business and coding. I thought it would be fun.

Q2) Where do you attend high school?

I go to Cypress High School.

Q3) Which of the 5 Saturdays learning program was most interesting to you?

I liked learning about the small businesses. One Saturday a lady came with her therapy dog. She talked about her non profit small business and what she did to start it. The Lady takes her dog to hospitals, schools, and other places and the dog makes people feel better. We got to ask questions and pet the dog.  it was awesome!

Q4) What did you want to learn from attending the 5 Saturdays STEAM program,?

I went to the 5Saturdays workshops because I wanted to learn about coding and websites.

Q5) I heard that you shared the MIT Scratch programming tool with your girl scout troop that you learned at the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.  What did you want them to learn?

I wanted the girl scouts to play with some of the projects on the MIT coding website. Some girl scouts knew coding and some did not. We helped each other learn more about coding. We changed the art, music, games, and animations on the website to made them our own. The girl scouts had fun and learned a lot.

Q6) You communicate with an AAC device like Stephen Hawkins, share how you helped the learning facilitators and other students to communicate with you.

I made a power point presentation about how to talk to people who use a communication device. I shared the presentation with everyone.

Q7) I spoke with a few people who said that you made the 5 Saturdays STEAM program better.  What do have to say about that?

I feel happy when I hear that because I like to help people.  Everyone at 5Saturdays helped me a lot.

Q8) Can you share one thing that you believe will help you now and in the future?

I can make my own website now if I want. I will use my resume later to help me when I look for a job.

Thank you Annie for being a part of the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.  I look forward to hearing more from you and hope that you will attend again in 2020.

Thank you Terre for supporting Annie in her journey.  I would like to ask that you support the efforts of the 5 Saturdays STEAM program by donating.  If we could get 100,000 people to give $5 that would certainly enable shifting legacies. 

We have been able to offer this program free to students who would normally be unable to attend these types of programs.  Much gratitude to the volunteer learning facilitators for giving their time and effort.

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