EAFH-18: 5 Saturdays 2019 STEAM Program Update – KVOI 1030 AM, the Creative Morning Radio Show

Dr. Dave and Zach Yentzer – Creative City

Zach: 5 Saturdays is a summer workshop that provides high school students with learning experiences in entrepreneurship, agile software development, job readiness, and agile life skills.  This is an important program for workforce readiness.  I am excited about talking about our 13 to 19-year high school student population in Tucson, AZ to enable workforce readiness.  I saw some pictures and you had the crème de la crème of Tucson entrepreneur community attending the 5 Saturdays Award Saturday event at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Dave: 22 students registered for the 5 Saturdays STEAM 2019 program in Tucson.  We were running the program in three (3) locations, which included Costa Mesa and Whittier CA, and Tucson AZ.  We actually finished with 15 students.  There were seven (7) learning facilitators from Tucson, AZ responsible for leading the STEAM workshops, which included the following individuals:

Learning Facilitators

  • Bernadine Cannon
  • Carmen Cornelius
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Dr. Charles Collingwood
  • Raymond Mack
  • Michael Tucker
  • Marianna Eubanks

We were also very lucky to attract industry leaders to participate in the entrepreneur shark tank and mock job interviews.  The leaders included the following people:


  1. Ashley La Russa, Owner, Roux Events LLC
  2. Ed Cruz, Founder and CEO, Go For Vertical Incubator
  3. Eric Smith, Executive Director University of Arizona Center for Innovation
  4. Jeff Sales, Executive Director, Southern Arizona Technology Council
  5. Aaron Eden, CEO, Moves the Needle
  6. Stephanie Bermudez, Founder, Startup Unidos
  7. Mayra Chimienti, VP of Operations Services – Mister Car Wash
  8. Gina Catalano, Co-Founder at Foundry & Co

About Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave Cornelius is an entrepreneur, coach and trainer, and serves his community.  His mantra is Helping People Achieve Awesomeness.  Dr. Cornelius is the founder of 5 Saturdays Agile Education, a program that enables high school students to pursue a career in technology and business.

Dave has helped Fortune 500 to Fortune 50 companies deliver over one billion dollars in customer value throughout his career using software and technology platforms. He is also a volunteer advisor at Tech Launch Arizona, a University of Arizona initiative focused on commercializing University of Arizona -created technologies and innovations. 

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