The Startup Business need Agile practices to accelerate innovation and optimize flow.

Welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave Podcast. The Agile For Humanity Tucson Meeting Webinar series provide episodes that are community conversations about lean startup, technology, agile practices, and much more.. We used the metaphor of tomatoes to describe the journey of startup businesses. Green tomatoes are new startups. Vine ripe tomatoes are mature startup companies. A Bruschetta recipe made of stewed tomatoes with garlic and basil is the startup company successfully meeting customer needs, and the rotten tomatoes are failures. This was a great discussion with several attendees from the Tucson, AZ startup community, willing to share their perspective of lean startup companies.

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The conversation today is What’s That Startup Smell? Startup companies have an odor that can be putrid or very pleasing and delicious for consumption. Get the PDF presentation.

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