As large organizations are embracing agility as a core competency for their organization, many are discovering the advantages of using agile as an enterprise competitive advantage. Business agility can be translated to the Lean principle that prescribes the action to “Optimize the Whole”. As Business Agility is embodied by the organization, the goal is for 1) happy contributing people, 2), Satisfied customers, and 3) thriving business.
If you plan to apply business agility to the business entities of the enterprise, a portfolio practice is needed to help deal with selecting the highest business value among the competing interest to receive investment dollars. This is connecting strategies to the portfolio, which connects to value delivery execution.

Dr. Dave Cornelius is a Servant Leader at KnolShare.org. He is an entrepreneur, coach and trainer, and serves his community. His mantra is Helping People Achieve Awesomeness. Dave has helped Fortune 500 to Fortune 50 companies deliver over one billion dollars in customer value throughout his career using software and technology platforms. He is also an advisor at Tech Launch Arizona, a University of Arizona initiative focused on commercializing UA-created technologies and innovations. Dr. Cornelius is the founder of 5 Saturdays Agile Education, a program that enables high-school students to pursue a career in technology and business.
He is the author of the books: 1) Elastic Minds: What are you thinking?, 2) Transforming your leadership character: The lean thinking and agility way, 3) Prayers to my Abba Father God, and 4) Deliver Value. You may listen to his podcast “KnolShare with Dr. Dave” on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify as well as on GrokShare.com (https://GrokShare.com).

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